Easy Trash to Treasure DIY Tray Makeovers

Cheap & Easy Trash to Treasure DIY Tray Makeovers

Trash to Treasure DIY Tray Makeovers

Going about my daily routine the other day, I noticed that I have done several tray makeovers.  I have them in my kitchen, on my bedside table, on my vanity, in my dining room… everywhere! I use them for décor, my kids use them, or I use them for parties. One thing all these trays have in common is that they were all once trash (or headed to the trash), until I transformed them.  So today, I thought I’d share some trash to treasure DIY tray makeovers I have done.

DIY Serving Tray Makeovers

Upcycled Thrift Store Tray

I found an ugly brown beat up tray at Savers, a discount store in our area, for $3.99. I gave t a little TLC, paint, and a rope accent, and not it sits on my nightstand and holds a candle, and my jewelry and books.

Trash to Treasure DIY Serving Tray How To

Old Serving Tray Makeover

One of my best friends gave me this tray that she was about to throw away. It was actually from a bridal shower we gave many many years ago! I decided to keep it and bring some new life to it with bright fabric and paint.

DIY Serving Tray Makeover

This was actually made over a second time where I upcycled old CD’s and turned it into a mirrored mosaic tray. Here is the You Tube video:

Repurposed Serving Tray

This great mirror was found for five dollars at a local thrift store.  I loved the long hexagonal shape and immediately thought I would repurpose it and make the perfect DIY serving tray for entertaining.


Upcycled Tray with Flooring Planks

For this one, I removed a broken mirror from the base of the tray and replaced it with laminate flooring.

Other Types of Trays

Here is a table that turns into a tray. I upcycled it with pennies. Watch the YouTube video here:

Chalkboard Activity Tray

When I went on a hunt thrift store shopping I was so happy I found this durable wooden activity tray for $6.00 and added a chalkboard top.

Activity Tray Thrift Store makeover

DIY Thrift Store Pedestal Trays

These were made from several thrift store items.  I have used them for different things including in my bathroom, walk in closet, and craft room.


TV Tray Table Upcycle

These 20 year old trays needed a little oomph, so I painted them with stencils to make them more colorful.


Two-Tiered Upcycled Tray

Lastly, I made these for Halloween for a party, but you can use the tutorial for any two-tired tray.  This one in particular is great because I lined it with leftover wallpaper scraps.

Upcycled Halloween Tray

I hope you enjoyed my upcycled tray round up! Now I feel like hunting for new thrift store ones to upcycle!

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