Repurposing Ideas for Vintage Finds

Unique Repurposing Ideas for Vintage Finds

If you haven’t guessed, I LOVE thrift shopping. For me, this includes shopping at flea markets, thrift stores, garage sales, and even antique stores. It’s basically any place where you can haggle a bit for used items. Today, I want to share some repurposing ideas for random vintage finds that I have found during recent shopping trips. I have found some great stuff and hope you enjoy these.

Vintage Flower Frogs

Flower frogs, come in handy not only for flowers but for many other things.

Use them for:

  • Holding Paint Brushes
  • Storing Markers
  • As a Jewelry Holder
  • For Tooth Brushes (see link above)

Repurposed Rail Road Spikes

These stars were amazing. I immediately stopped in my tracks when I saw them. After some google searches, I realized that they were railroad spikes. They were welded to shape stars.  I thought these would make great patriotic décor.

Don’t know how to weld? To make this yourself you can use epoxy putty. Epoxy putty is a moldable putty that can repair or fuse anything made of metal that doesn’t rust.  It sets in a few minutes and after an hour, it can be drilled, filed and painted. Here is my affiliate link for epoxy putty. If you purchase it, I will get a commission at no extra cost to you.

Railroad Spike Stars

Repurposed Spigot & License Plate

This next one is a box made from “junk”; a spigot, vintage license plate, and salvaged wood. For something like this you can:

  • Plant flowers or succulents inside and hang it on the side of the house or shed.
  • Place a small vase and flowers inside for  rustic or farmhouse countertop decor.
  • Use as decor in a cabin or lake house

Repurposing Ideas for Vintage Finds

Repurposed Vintage Crate

These are crates turned shelves with some vintage Mason jars displayed inside. The yellow one is a Coca Cola crate.

Hanging Crates on a Wall

  1. Figure out the desired layout.
  2. Use a level and pencil to mark the area.
  3. Use drywall screws and anchors and drill the crate into a stud in the wall.

Repurposing Ideas for Vintage Mason Jars

Repurposing Ideas for Vintage Crates

Upcycled Vintage Nesting Box

I think this is a vintage chicken coop or nesting box. I’m not sure, but the green attracted me.

To clean a piece like this, start with mild soap and water with a soft cloth. If it’s really dirty, take it outside and blow the dirt and dust off with a leave blower.

Use this for:

  • Extra storage in an office or craft room
  • Clever organization in the kitchen
  • Insert baskets for mudroom organization

Repurposing Ideas for Vintage Chicken Coop

Repurposed Vintage Cheese Grater

I found some charm in this rusty cheese grater turned photo holder. I liked the little farmhouse vignette. It’s another fun decor idea for a cabin or lake house. 

Repurposing Ideas for Vintage Cheese Grater

Vintage Suitcases

Not necessarily repurposed, but I love these stacked suitcase.

  • Grab several and use it as décor/extra storage
  • Stack three and make it a TV stand
  • Add legs to make a side table
  • Remove a side, insert a cushion and make a dog bed
  • Get one for each child and place special memorabilia and old toys inside and give it to them when they are older

Repurposing Ideas for Vintage Suitcases

Upcycled Shutters

Love this jewelry made out of an old shutter and mismatched knobs. This would be cute on a vanity in a bedroom.

Use old shutters for:

  • Photo Display
  • Blanket Ladder
  • Organization Board
  • Plant Holder
  • Mantel Decor

Repurposing Ideas for Vintage Shutters

Upcycled Vintage Door

Lastly, this is another simple jewelry display idea.  I like that the jewelry is what is showcased. No need for fancy knobs, rather a simple nail works for this.

Repurpose old doors for wood furniture projects like:

  • Hall Trees
  • Dining, Coffee, and Side Tables
  • Potting Bench
  • Outdoor Swings
  • Chairs and Benches
  • Shelves

Repurposing Ideas for Vintage Doors

I hope you found these clever repurposing ideas for vintage finds useful!


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