Top 7 Tips to Organize Your Bedroom

Top 7 Tips to Organize Your Bedroom, written by Denise Baynes

Author Bio: Denise Baynes is a single mother, keen on repurposing and organizing all the stuff around her home that can be repurposed, conceivably.

Leave Only the Essentials. You’re trying to make this part of your home look comfortable and inviting, so it’s a nice idea to be a minimalist in your bedroom design. With a little variation depending on your habits, all you need by your bedside is a box of tissue, a good reading lamp, a nice fan, and perhaps also a remote control, and a couple of your favorite CDs. By the way, Westside Wholesale has a really nice selection of portable fans, and some of them are currently on sale for less than $25! I got one that works really quietly during nighttime, and I was able to get free shipping on it, too!

Use Soft Palette Colors. Remember that your bedroom is a place intended for rest. Keep it light when it comes to picking the colors of your walls, floor, ceiling, curtains, and furniture. These colors make the atmosphere of your bedroom more relaxing and easier on your eyes. A lighter color scheme will also make your bedroom appear visually larger, and that’s a great tip if you have a small bedroom. I got a nice standing lamp from Westside Wholesale, too, and it makes the atmosphere of my room so relaxing and romantic, with the soft beige curtains and linens that I have.

Make Space for Sunlight. Remove all clutter and leave only the furniture that performs the essential functions needed in a bedroom. A medium-size bed for sleeping and napping, a comfortable chair and a standing lamp for nighttime reading, a dresser with a mirror for dressing and skin care, a couple of closets for keeping your garments, and a lady’s desk for writing and reading. The more space you are able to free, the more natural sunlight will be poured into your room every morning!

Start It All From Scratch. The best way to bring order into your room is by digging everything out and taking a minute to think if you are ever using these things. It takes some courage, but it’s actually the only way to really change how the place looks and feels instead of just rearranging a few things here and there. So, you may want to start by getting a few boxes and labeling them “trash”, “to sell”, “to donate”, and “to keep”. Now, divide your room into functional areas and start with the one that needs the most reviewing. Remember that if you spend over 20 seconds thinking if you need something in your bedroom, you definitely don’t want to put that in the “keep” box.

Gotta Face That Closet. If you often feel like you’ve got nothing to wear, yet your closet is bursting from everything that’s in it, it’s time to get it organized. Put all your clothes on the couch. Now, take your time to try everything on and see if it deserves that precious space in your closet. If you are a big “goal clothes” person, hoping to lose weight some day and keeping a lot of clothes you can no longer wear, then find a local charity, or a church you can donate these clothes to. After all, they take up so much space and are depressing to look at!

How to Sort Your Clothes. Now, I find it easier to sort clothes by function and style, rather than color-code them as some experts in organizing suggest. It’s a nice idea to store the things that you use most frequently in immediate sight. The clothes you only use occasionally can be placed in the lower level of your closet, and whatever you use less often you can place on top, outside immediate reach. If you have some empty suitcases, you may want to use them for storing out-of-season clothes, linens, and blankets.

Where did that come from? An empty basket is bound to become the central organizing element of your bedroom. Just put all the items that don’t belong in your bedroom into that basket. It may take some willpower at first, and you may have to remind yourself a billion times to do so. However, it will soon become your second nature, and getting that clutter out of your bedroom will take literally minutes! Better still, get your kids involved in the fun activity and it will soon become their favorite game.

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  1. Great ideas! Our bedroom seems to be the room that lacks in style, organization…pretty much everything! Time to get working on our closet!

  2. These ideas are just fantastic. I especially like the bedroom basket thing. It is really time for me to get that clutter out. If only I could get the kids to use a basket.

  3. Love the post! Any chance you can tell me where that white cabinet with the shelves and drawers is from? I love it!

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