Storage Ideas for Kids

Clever Storage Ideas for Kids and Their Rooms

Looking for inventive and fun storage ideas for kids?  There are so many inspiring ideas out there and here is a round-up of favorites.

Make a book sling using a double curtain rob.  Choose any fabric and pattern and sew both side to create a sling to house books.

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Personalizing file crates is a brilliant way to organize art projects, report cards, certificates, and more for each child in the house. Use a wooden or plastic crates and containers and put the child’s name on it with a vinyl cutting machine. No cutting machine? No problem. Another option is to use stickers to label containers.

At Home Homeschooling Station

This is great for older kids.  Using clear glass jars for storage adds color and style while making it easy to see what’s inside.  You can print out these labels here from BHG.

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Another fantastic and ingenious idea is repurposing plant hangers as wall toy storage. You can also use a hanging planter for stuffed animals.


Hang a coat rack to stay organized. It’s great for little purses, bags, hats, or outerwear. This one was found in a clearance section during the holidays. Simply sand, paint, and stencil to give it a whole new look.

Stenciled Coat Rack for a Kid's Room
A clever way of staying organized is to repurpose food boxes for activity books and markers. Cut down a food box and line it with duct tape to make it sturdy. Embellish it with ribbon or fabric to match the room decor. Not only for kids rooms, change it up to work for an office, bedroom, or pantry.

Use inexpensive plastic containers for small toys so you can easily see what is inside. Containers like these can be found in the dollar bins at Target or Walmart. Embellish them with decorative tape and add labels if desired.

DIY Furniture Storage Ideas

Garage sales and thrift stores are great places to find inexpensive furniture to upcycle or repurpose into something clever for your child’s bedroom.  Paint, fabric, and some easy DIY can go a long way. Here are a few fun examples.

Make your child a reading nook with upcycled finds. This bench with storage was found at a thrift store for less than $10.00. Add a DIY cushion to make it comfy. Don’t forget to add a photo ledge or two for books.

A brilliant trash to treasure idea, this old dresser turned wardrobe storage or dress up station is adorable! Remove drawers and add a rod to hang clothes. You can also add knobs or hooks on the sides. Place baskets underneath for extra storage. If desired use contact paper, paint, or fabric to decorate the inside. (Photo Source unknown)

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Stack and secure side tables with drawers to create shelves with added storage (photo source unknown).

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Hope you enjoyed this round-up of Storage Ideas for Kids!

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  1. I love the last one for cards! Ikea actually sells containers just like that in their kid section. I purchased a few a couple years back and have used them only a couple times because they never seem to go well with anything in particular. Using them for card storage is brillant! Thank you for sharing.

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