Upcycled Designs by mush.room studio

I e-meet so many inspiring and creative artist every week, especially on my Facebook page.  Recently, I had the honor of meeting Vicky from mush.room studio.  Mush.room studio is a collaboration of architect and design.  They turn ordinary objects such as newspaper or glass bottles into fabulous yet useful art.  I wanted to share some of these unique creations with you today.  Here are six Upcycled Designs by mush.room studio.

This is a custom made floor lamp with an old metal structure, bottles of Coca-Cola, and wooden bottom.

mush.room studio- repurposed-designs (2) mush.room studio- repurposed-designs (4)

Here is a clever table lamp with a black shade from an old jar and newspaper sculpture.

mush.room studio- repurposed-designs (7)

This is a unique Marilyn Monroe inspired lamp with a metal structure and a piece of salvaged drift wood for the base.

mush.room studio- repurposed-designs (1)

Made from an old drawer and reused as a shelf, this piece is painted inside with the Abraham Lincoln quote, “I am a slow walker but I never walk backwards.” This may be my favorite one.  I would have never thought to have put a quote on the inside of the shelf.  It’s a nice touch that can be personalized.  Also pictured are custom made cushions with one –of-a-kind designs.

mush.room studio- repurposed-designs (6)

These are custom handmade signs made from old wood or drift wood with sayings like “home sweet home”, “imagine”, and “dream “.  You can use them as ornaments, gift embellishments, or hang them in your home.

mush.room studio- repurposed-designs (5) mush.room studio- repurposed-designs (3)

Thank you so much, Vicky for sharing your designs! Don’t forget to show your support on the mush.room studio Facebook page!

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