Upcycled Lighting Ideas

I have written about repurposed lighting ideas before from inspirations I found while shopping out and about in retail stores.  I haven’t written about upcycled lighting ideas, however, from my internet shopping trips!  There are so many fantastic ideas out there… several I would have NEVER even dreamt of that I thought I’d put together another fun round-up of these interesting and repurposed creations.

Let’s start with the Kitchen!  OK so these first two aren’t for everyone, but I love the ingenuity of both vintage finds. (I apologize but I lost the source for the strainer light.  If you know it, please leave a comment so I can add it!)

vintage bowl pendant

upcycled lighting ideas (11)

These are Repurposed Spoon Pendant lights by Designer Francois Legault.

upcycled lighting ideas (4)

I love these Mason Jar lights from Etsy.

mason jar lighting ideas (10)

This birdcage chandelier is one of my favorites from Design Sponge.

upcycled lighting ideas (6)

This shabby chic pendant light is made from a basket.

recycled basket lighting pendant

Love these!  They are globes turned pendent lamps!

upcycled lighting ideas (3)

Can you believe that this floor lamp is made out of plastic knives?

upcycled lighting ideas (5)

These fun DIY liquor bottle lamps have step by step instructions of Tip Junkie.

upcycled lighting ideas (7)

Is this repurposed telephone a good idea or bad idea?

upcycled lighting ideas (2)

I saved the most creative for last (well, most creative to me anyway).  This pendant lamp is made out of 1960’s plastic camping chairs!

upcycled lighting ideas (9)

I hope these upcycled lighting ideas inspired to you to make your own!  What would you upcycle into a lamp???


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  1. Oh wow! My mouth was hanging open over that bird cage lamp!!! Love the plastic knives one and the spoon pendants lights too! Thanks for gathering these ideas for us.

  2. Could you possibly help me locate the source for the colorful strainers chandelier? I have searched the web but with no luck. That fixture would be absolutely perfect for my new house. I would greatly appreciate any help that you could give me.

        1. Oh my, Betty! When I first read your comment, I was thinking of a different post! I view comments on a different screen… so sorry about that! I have only seen them at antique stores(here in Southern CA, MD, and WI) and they are few and far between! Do you have a place where there are several stores you can peruse?

    1. Hi Terry! Unfortunately I believe the source for the colander chandelier is from an Etsy shop that no longer exists. BUT, I believe in this particular one, if you found the base you can upcycle, you can simply drill holes in the bottom center with a metal drill bit and slip the colander over like a light bulb shade. The trick is finding the right chandelier! I hope this helps!

      1. Hi Dinah, thanks so much for responding even though my comment is so late. I’m going to try it on my old kitchen chandelier that just might work! I just wanted a little confirmation and guidance, so thanks again!

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