Trash to Treasure: Record Album Art


Three Clever Ways to Get Inspired by Old Records and Make Record Album Art

Collecting record albums have become more and more popular. On the hunt you can find ones you actually want to listen to, or ones you don’t. Here are some creative ideas for both.

Repurposed Vinyl Records Idea

Finding Old Record Albums

First, you need to find them. Here are a few places to find old record albums.

  • Check your parent’s and loved ones garage! We found about 150 sitting in the garage in a huge plastic bin. So many of them had beautiful artwork (and bad hair) on the front or back covers. 
  • Thrift Stores – Usually near the book section, old albums can be found for as little a $1 or $2.
  • Estate Sales  and Flea Markets

Idea #1: Turn Albums into Bowls

If you come across an album you do not want to preserve or listen to. Here is a great way to repurpose them. Turn them into decorative bowls!

Upcycled Records

Here is a complete tutorial on how to achieve this cool DIY including all the safety precautions: DIY Record Album Bowl

If you’d like, watch the YouTube Video.

Idea #2: Frame Them

Albums were known for their artwork. Artist put a lot of time and effort creating the perfect album cover. Framing them is a great way to keep them in tact, preserve them, and still use them as you wish.

Pick a few in coordinating colors and frame them in any room to make record album art.

Where to Buy Album Frames

You can pick up Album frames at Michael’s craft stores or Urban Outfitters for about $10-$15 each. Goodwill or the Salvation Army are great places to find old albums for practically nothing! Most thrift stores sell records around one to two dollars a piece.  

You should also consider adding paint and altering an album cover to fit your home decor and personality as well. Simply framing an album of a favorite band makes a great DIY gift too!  Another great way to reuse and recycle and turn your trash into treasure.

Old Records

Albums After

Idea #3: Make a Record Album Gift Card

Give this printable box card and fill it with mini record albums with little personal notes on the back. Here is one we made and a full tutorial on how we made it.

Mini Paper Record Album Notes

Get the on Paper Record Player Etsy

Get the Instant Download here: Paper Record Player Printable

Print, cut, fold, and tape these cute record player boxes. Comes in three colors, gray, pink, and turquoise. They are the perfect size to place a gift card inside. You can also fill it with special notes to the recipient for a birthday, Valentine’s Day, or anniversary.

Before you go, here is another idea on ways to repurpose CD’s!

Check out these other creative ways to turn trash into treasure:


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  1. Dinah, The Sounds Terrific cover was from a stereo my parents bought in what most of been 1960-1962. It plays all different sounds so you could hear the stereo effects. I remember it had a train that sounded like it was coming through the room.

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