Upcycled Thrift Store Easter Bunny Décor


Trash to Treasure: Upcycled Thrift Store Easter Bunny Décor

I was out trash to treasure hunting the other day and saw these adorable stone Easter bunnies, but couldn’t however, bring myself to pay the price for them. I decided to go on a thrift store search for cheap ceramic bunnies that I could upcycle to make my own version of this upcycled thrift store Easter bunny décor idea.

Upcycled Thrift Store Easter Bunny Decor

As luck would have it I found a shelf of them right away at a local Goodwill thrift store. They were only $2-$4 apiece and had a pretty decent selection. In particular I was looking for plain bunnies with no flowers or baskets. I wanted the mismatched ones to look similar.  I also tried looking for large eggs, which they had, but I was too cheap to pay $7 each for them…ha!!

Thrift Store Easter Bunnies

Finally, I settled on these for less than $10.00 for all three of them. Score!

Ceramic Easter Bunnies

Time: 20 Minutes

Here are the materials you need:

Easter Bunny Decor Instructions

My next stop was the craft store. With my 40% off Michael’s coupon in hand, I bought a can of Krylon’s Stone Fine Texture Spray Paint in Pebble.

DIY Stone Painted Easter Bunnies

I spray painted one by one outside and did three light coats for each bunny, allowing it to dry at least 20 minutes in between coats. I found it easiest to spray them on top of the cardboard box. This way, I can easily rotate the box and spray all four sides and the top with ease. You can transfer them inside to dry after about 30 minutes. Allow them to dry overnight.

Easter Bunny Decoration Upcycle

Tip: If you would like you can lightly sand each bunny and prime it before you spray paint them.  I skipped this step for time purposes.

Be sure to check out my article for when and how to use primer for DIY painting projects and furniture makeovers.

I made all three for just under $17.00! Aren’t they adorable? Here are a few pictures of my Easter bunny décor.

Upcycled Easter Bunny Decoration

Spray Painted Stone Easter Bunnies - DIY Inspired

Upcycled Easter Bunny Decor - DIY Inspired

Easy Easter Bunny DIY Decor

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Article updated and improved from March, 2016.

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  1. That’s a great buy! Love that price tag and they actually look totally like stone!!! These are my kinda make overs, quick and simple and just lovely!!!

  2. What a fabulous idea! I was looking for bunnies too but all the ones I found were too cutesy or too ugly. I never thought of this.

  3. Yes, they are absolutely adorable.. am into the stone look right now….like most people, I might add… I just might have a bunny and eggs that need this treatment..maybe for next year!

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