Recycled Food Box Gift Bags

How to Make Recycled Food Box Gift Bags

As you can see from my most recent posts, I’m on a clever gift wrapping roll. These recycled food box gift bags can be made with any size box. If you have scrapbook paper and ribbon, it’s a great way to reuse a food container box. When choosing a box, make sure the inside is clean. I like to use boxes that contained individually wrapped food inside.

One of my daughter’s best friends was turning three and for her birthday she had a Hello Kitty themed party. Needless to say, my daughter picked out several cute Hello Kitty gifts for her friend. The one thing I hate spending money on is gift bags.  I don’t know why.  Maybe because I feel like you buy it for $5.00 and then it gets tossed in the trash hours later at the party.  So, I decided to make my own recycled food box gift bag.

diy-hello-kitty-gift-bag (1)

Here’s What You Need

Time: 10-15 Minutes


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Here’s the box we used…a benefit of shopping in bulk. Any food box will work depending on the size of your gift.  This project is best for small gifts.



I cut it to the size I needed for the gifts we bought.



We wrapped it in brown paper.



Next we used some decorative tape to embellish it.



I punched a hole on each side and tied the ribbon through it.  It was sturdy enough to hold by the ribbon even with everything inside.



We added one of my daughter’s foam stickers and a gift tag we made with some craft punches.



It turned out great and I didn’t have to spend anything for a gift bag!  I already had everything handy in my craft room.  It only took about 10 minutes to make. The best part of it was that Mia and I did it together.


Here is another version using a narrow breadstick cracker box for a small gift. You can watch how I made this on this Instagram Reel. For this one, I wrapped and glued scrapbook paper around the box and used a craft knife to punch the holes on the sides.

Recycled Food Box Gift Bag

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Recycled Gift Bags DIY

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