100th Day of School T Shirt Idea


Kids Craft: 100th Day of School T Shirt Idea

Celebrating the one hundredth day of kindergarten is so fun! Some classes ask parents to make a T shirt to wear to school with 100 things on it. Here are two fun 100th Day of School T Shirt Ideas, 1) Gumball Machine, and 2) Shark Shirt.

100th Day of School Gumball Machine


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We found a plain white T Shirt that Mia is almost growing out of to use.

100th Day of School Shirt Decorating Idea

The first thing we did was use a paper plate to trace the globe of the gumball machine with a Sharpie Marker.

One Hundredth Day of School Activities

One Hundredth Day of School Ideas

Next, I cut out two rectangles (small and large) for the base of the gumball machine, a circle (for the quarter slot), and a knob out of felt. It doesn’t have to be perfect! I just eye balled it. Glue it to the shirt with fabric glue.

One Hundredth Day of School Crafts

Using the paper plate we just traced, I had my daughter pick her first color. You only need a small dab of paint per color on the spouncer. We counted to ten aloud as she gently dabbed 10 yellow gumballs on the shirt.

100th Day of School Activities

I only had one spouncer, so I had to clean it after each color and dry it with a paper towel. One by one she chose a color and counted to ten out loud. In between each color we practiced counting by 10’s.

100th Day of School Ideas

100th Day of School Shirts

We continued until she had 100 gumballs! Twenty more to go…

100th Day of School T Shirt

Here is a close up of her gumball artwork!

100th Day of School Craft Idea

Let the shirt dry overnight. Here is the final result! She can’t wait to wear it on Friday to school.

100th Day of School DIY Gumball Machine Shirt

100th Day of School Shark Shirt


  • Blue Tee Shirt
  • Gray, Light Blue, White, and Red Felt
  • Scissors
  • 2 Wiggly Eyes
  • Fabric Glue
  • Cricut Machine
  • White Iron On Vinyl
  • Iron or Cricut Press
  • Weeder
  • Towel

Instructions and Tips

  1. Sizing will depend on the child’s shirt. Follow the pictures and this quick Instagram Reel for shapes. Remember that it doesn’t have to be perfect!
  2. Cut out gray shark, white stomach, gray mouth, white mouth, red mouth, 6 small triangles for gills.
  3. Use fabric glue to glue down each felt piece and two wiggly eyes.
  4. Design lettering on your Cricut machine and iron on.

Other 100th Day of School t shirt ideas

  1. Use colorful pom poms for gumballs instead of paint.
  2. Hot glue 100 plastic bugs onto a T-shirt.
  3. Glue on 100 foam shapes like hears or stars.
  4. Hot glue 100 buttons in different sizes and colors. Add a stem and petals on them with fabric markers.
  5. Use 100 wiggly eyes to make a monster shirt.
  6. Draw a cupcake with fabric markers and glue on 100 beads to make sprinkles.
  7. Make a popcorn bucket with markers or felt and glue on 100 pieces of popcorn on a shirt.
  8. Draw a rocket ship or planet and glue on 100 yellow foam stars or stickers.
  9. Pin on 100 safety pins in the shape of the number “100” on a shirt.
  10. Draw a cone and use 100 pink or blue pompoms to create a cotton candy shape.
  11. Draw a cone and use 100 pompoms to make ice cream scoops.

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100th Day of School T Shirt Idea- DIY Inspired



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    1. Thank you! We used acrylic craft paint. I had a bunch left over, so we mixed brands from Folk Art to Martha Stewart. You can get small bottles at any craft store for about $1.50 – $2.50 a piece.

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