How to Make an Envelope Out of Circles

Learn How to Make an Envelope Out of Circles for Any Occasion

I have a lot to be thankful for! This time, I’m saying thanks to some people that been really helpful to my mom. Since she is no longer driving, they have been taking her around to places she needs to go. I bought them a couple gift cards and made these envelopes to hold them to thank them for their help. Here is my tutorial for how to make an envelope out of circles.

Time: 10-15 Minutes


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  • Paper
  • Large Circle Punch (or something round to trace and scissors)
  • Glue Stick
  • Ribbon (optional)

Watch the YouTube Tutorial:

Here is a short tutorial video. You can also watch a video over on my Instagram. Check out this fun Instagram Reel for how to make these circle punch envelopes. I’d love it if you followed me!


Punch out four circles.  The bigger the better!  If you do not have a craft punch you can always trace a glass or plastic container lid with pencil and cut the circles out with scissors. Once you have your four circles, fold each one in half. Arrange the folded circles to form a square, overlapping the flaps.  Glue down the flaps.  Insert your note, photo, or gift card into the envelope and glue or tape shut.  You can also tie a ribbon around it.

Note about sizes: If you have 3” in diameter circles you will have a 3” square envelope.

Make these easy square envelopes in any color or pattern you wish.  Just change up the paper! Here is another one I made with four different patterns. As you can see, you can completely change the look to go with any style or theme. This envelope was made for my husband for our ten year anniversary.

To make the paper flowers you see in the picture below, check out these fun paper flower video tutorials also made with circle punches.

How to Make an Envelope

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