8 Creative Recycled Kids Crafts



I thought I’d put together a round-up of some fun recycled crafts my daughter and I have done over the past few months. Believe it or not, we still have most of them and Mia STILL plays with them. Here is my round-up of 8 creative recycled kids crafts.

Caterpillar Clothespin Kids Craft – Cute little fuzzy caterpillars made from colorful pompoms and wiggly eyes.

Airplane Clothespin Kids Craft – A clever clothespin craft made with foam craft sticks.

Recycled Toilet Paper Rolls & Ribbon Roll Dolls – Dress your dolls in patterned scrapbook paper and yarn hair.

DIY Apple Print Gift Tags – Cut an apple in half and use it as a stamp to make gift tags or patterned art.

Toilet Paper Roll and Shoe Box Castle – Make a castle with paper towel roll towers and a shoebox. Cut out a drawbridge, and make furniture for the inside.

Hand Turkey Candy Dishes – This one we did for Thanksgiving, but fun anytime for the kids using their hand prints.

Recycled Straw Necklace Craft for Kids – This craft is great for fine motor skills for little ones with colorful straws and yarn. You can also use classic penne noodles and macaroni.

How to Make Cereal Box Puzzles – Reuse old coloring book covers and cereal boxes to make your own puzzles.

I keep the recycled straw necklace materials in a bag and the puzzle pieces in a bag in the craft room, and every once in a while, Mia will take them out to play with them while I’m doing a project. We also keep the castle and dolls in an area where she can easily grab and play with them as she pleases. We’ve even added to the castle and the dolls since these photos were taken!

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