Asian Themed Party

2012 is the year of the Dragon, the mightiest of all the signs… that means it’s MY year… yep I live by my own rules, I’m passionate, and I take risks (kind of sort of)!

I have shown some of my ideas for an Asian themed party in past blog posts like: Chinese Take Out Box Centerpieces and gift idea for an Asian Themed Baby Shower and A fun party favor idea and simple tutorial, How to Make Candy Dipped Fortune Cookies. Here are a few photos.

Event planner extraordinaire, Maily Cano strikes again with a beautiful red Asian Themed Party. Red is synonymous with an Asian themed party because it is an important color that represents good luck and prosperity. I keep forgetting that Maily is a successful Auto Broker by day! Geesh!

No Asian Themed Party is complete without hanging paper lanterns! Lanterns are widely used for festivals in Asia. Especially in China, you will see them hung everywhere during these celebrations. Check out an interesting history HERE.  Maily adorned each table with beautiful floral arrangements and draped crystals from their branches.

Red represents Fire and black represents Water, two of the five elements. Each table is covered in a red table cloth surrounded by black chairs. Red also represents good fortune and joy.

Other color inspirations for an Asian themed party:

  • Blue-Green – represents nature, vigor, and vitality
  • Green – represents health and harmony
  • Blue – represents immortality
  • White/Silver – represents purity and fulfillment
  • Yellow/Gold – considered the most beautiful and most symbolic and signifies good luck

I hope you found this useful and inspiring!  Happy party planning!


All Red Asian Themed Party photos were taken by Brendan Cao Photography.


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