Beauty and the Beast Jr Set Design Ideas

Creative and Budget-Friendly Beauty and the Beast Jr Set Design Ideas

So I feel like I need to explain why I have been MIA a little bit the past few weeks.  I normally post 5 days a week and I have skipped a few days lately.  Truth be told, I was still getting my craft on.  Somehow, I found myself in charge of the Beauty and the Beast Jr set design for my daughter’s elementary school play.  I was overwhelmed many times making this happen. Luckily, with the help of my brother, we busted out a pretty awesome set.

The thing is, I didn’t take a ton of pictures or video and after reviewing what I had I don’t feel like what I’m sharing with you today shows all the hard work we did.  All I know is that by the end, I told myself I’d never do this again, but when the curtain opened and the audience gasped, I think I immediately raised my hand to do it again next year.

Here is a quick YouTube video I made.

We started with the main background. Along with the director, we decided on the interior of the castle.  We got 4 foot wide white paper and cut five panels, each 4’ X 10’ tall. This would make the background scene 10’ X 20’. Yes, huge!  The easiest way to do this was to measure and mark each panel by the foot.  The background panels were 1) wallpaper, 2) Enchantress stained glass window, 3) bookcase, 4) red rose stained glass window, and 5) wallpaper. We printed out images of the stained glass from online and my amazing and talented brother hand drew a simpler version of each.  He also drew the bookcase.

Over several days, I painted all the panels with acrylic craft paint and spray paint.  I used a thick permanent black marker to outline the stained glass window and part of the bookshelves. Here are some photos.

These are the panels laid out on my driveway.

We also anchored the stage with two more scenes, 1) arches to represent the exterior of the castle and 2) doors and windows to represent the village.  I also made these market bread (pain) and fish (poisson) stands to place in front of the village.  We also made a 20’ panel of greenery to go across the front of the stage. You can see these in the video.

After hour and hours of work, all this was up for the duration of the play and then immediately pulled down and thrown in the trash… wah wah wah. But in the end, we did it first and foremost for those adorable kids.

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