Cash Money Envelope Printables

Print These Fun Cash Money Envelope Printables for Graduation or Birthdays

Spring is here which means that graduation is right around the corner. Even though graduation for me was YEARS ago, I recall appreciating cash as a graduation gift especially since I was leaving home and moving to a new state. Having cash and no job just yet was vital for my move. This inspired me to make these cash money envelope printables.

This printable gift cash money envelope is great for graduations and birthdays as well. Use it just because or to give a little thank you.

I have four different printables available in my Etsy shop; one for the taco lover, pizza lover, video game fanatic, or beauty queen in your life. They say…

Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy:

    • Tacos– plus, who doesn’t love tacos?
    • Video Games– great for the gamer in your life! They always need extra cash for new games. Duh!
    • Pizza– again, who doesn’t love pizza? Great for a graduate moving out on their own.
    • Makeup – Need I say more? I think this fits a lot of us!

Each one is available separately and when purchased is an instant download. All you have to do is print, cut, fold, and glue. It is recommended to print on a heavy weight paper like card stock or brochure paper, however regular printer paper works well too.

FREE DIY Gift Card and Envelope Tutorials

I also have a lot of free tutorials for making different type of gift card holders with paper crafting. Here are a few I have done in the past.

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Here is another graduation gift idea if you want to give money. I have made several of these and they are always a hit! Just change up the colors and patterns to fit the recipient.

Other Fun Etsy Printables in My Shop

About My Etsy Shop

This is a fairly new love of mine. It started with me placing a few elf inspired Christmas printables like a pizza box and elf signs. The first year I started, November 2017, I sold a ton of elf printables in that first month. I had no idea about the power of Etsy! From then I created more elf printables in 2018. This year is the first year that I added other types of printables like funny money card holders and gift card holders. I even have some printable toys like play money and credit cards and pretend restaurant menus.

My plan is to continue putting new items in the shop to help support this website and the free tutorials it provides. If you have any ideas, please feel free to leave a comment because I love a challenge!

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