How to Make a Gift Card Holder

When all else fails, give a gift card! I know some people think it is impersonal, but I happen to enjoy being the recipient of them! I recently bought one to say thank you to a friend for very generous gesture.  I didn’t want to give her the gift card in the holder it came in, rather I wanted to make it special. So, here is how to make a gift card holder out of any piece of scrapbook paper.

Time: 20 Minutes


Watch the YouTube Tutorial:


The measurements do not need to be exact.  The card just needs to fit in a piece of paper that is folded three times.  I cut the one in the video roughly 5” X 12”. Fold it in thirds.

Use the gift card as a guide to figure out placement using pencil to mark the area. Once you know where you would like the card to go and mark in, glue in the sides and bottom.  Write your message on the top half of the inside of the card. Use a piece of Velcro to secure it closed if desired.

To make the flowers in the front you can follow this tutorial.

You can also watch this video tutorial.

If you choose, measure the base trifold to fit into an envelope. Also, consider embellishing your gift card holder with these paper butterflies!

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