Fairytale Ball Party Treats and Centerpiece Ideas

Fairytale Ball - Cake Pops

My oldest daughter is finishing up her kindergarten year. I can’t believe there are only a couple of weeks left of school. Because of this she and her father attended the Fairytale Ball that the school put on for the kindergarteners. In charge of the refreshments and decorations was Tammy Cavallucci, from Sweet Tooth Cravings and More. She did such an amazing job on the ball that I just had to share her homemade party treats and centerpiece ideas that she came up with.

I wish I was there to take pictures, but I was able to round up a few from some of the parents that attended. (BTW, I almost cried when my husband and daughter left all dresses up for their date. It was soooo cute!) Tammy had a fairytale theme for each table.

This table was Aladdin themed. She layered a rug and purple material along with a pillow and the glass slipper pillows I made for my daughters Cinderella party I did last year.

Fairytale Ball - Aladdin Centerpiece

This table had a Rapunzel theme. She cleverly used a lantern as the tower and draped it with a yellow yarn braid with flowers, and surrounded it with my antique books and an iron skillet.

Fairytale Ball - Rapunzel Centerpiece

Fairytale Ball - Rapunzel Centerpiece with Pan

The Cinderella had a beautifully lit pumpkin carriage, books, and glass slippers.

Fairytale Ball - Cinderella Centerpiece

She also had a Peter Pan themed table with books, tee pees, and a green lantern.

Fairytale Ball - Peter Pan Centerpiece

The Alice in Wonderland table was complete with the Mad Hatter’s Hat and playing cards. I also lent her my cage and tea cups and teapot from an Alice in Wonderland baby shower I did a couple years ago.

Fairytale Ball - Alice in Wonderland Centerpiece

Tammy also made all the desserts including rice crispy treats and cookies. Can you believe it?

Fairytale Ball - Pixie Dust Sugar Cookies

Fairytale Ball - Pirate Booty

Fairytale Ball - Fairy Godmother Rice Crispy Treat Wands

Fairytale Ball - 3 Little Pigs Red Bricks Rice Crispy Treats

She also had three different types of cake pops including Snow White’s apples.

Fairytale Ball - Snow White's Apple Pops

Fairytale Ball - Royalty Red Velvet Pops

Fairytale Ball - Chocolate Cake Pops

Tammy also made cookies for each child to take home that said “…and they lived happily ever after.”

Fairytale Ball Cookies

Isn’t she amazing? I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Don’t forget to show Tammy some love on Facebook and Instagram. Tell her DIY Inspired sent you!

Fairytale Ball Party Treats and Centerpiece Ideas - DIY Inspired

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