Christmas Countdown

December first is the time when families put out their Advent Calendars to countdown the days left until Christmas.  Can you believe that the first handmade Advent Calendar dates back to the early 1800’s?  There have been numerous versions and styles and I thought it be appropriate to share some inspiration I found for some do it yourself Christmas Countdown Advent calendars.

Here is a full Ready Made Tutorial to make these cute countdown ornaments.


These two are my favorites from Martha Stewart.  The baby socks are so cute!



Here are two more ideas from Pottery Barn. It’d be fun to make a version of these with some flea market finds.



These next two I thought were so cute! I couldn’t find the photo source, but viewed the pictures on Pintrest. Love the little buckets hanging from branches.



As you may (or may not) know, I heart!  Here are my favorite Printables from some sellers, WantsAndWishes and KaydenAshley and TwoSistersOriginals.

You can purchase these cute Advent boxes at WantsAndWishes and hang them on your tree.


I love the rustic and simple look of this garland from KaydenAshley.


These whimsical and festive ornament printables are from TwoSistersOriginals.


Happy counting!!

2012 Update!  Here is my CD Tower Advent Calendar!





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  1. I like the idea of having a small tree and then adding an ornament each day to decorate it. That is very clever.

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