Clever Uses for Vinegar in the Garden

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Clever Uses for Vinegar in the Garden

I have used Four Monks Vinegar in my laundry, in my kitchen, and in my car, but did you know that there are many clever uses for vinegar in the garden? Four Monks is an all-purpose cleaner that is both non-toxic and eco-friendly. It has the power and strength of vinegar but does not have that harsh scent. It has been my go-to for cleaning since I first was introduced to it over five months ago. With the beautiful SoCal weather, and with spring well under way, I thought I’d share these ten clever uses for vinegar in the garden.

Tip #1: Use Vinegar to Control Weeds

Vinegar is an herbicide. In other words, it will kill weeds and prevent them from growing. Spray or pour Four Monks vinegar in cracks and crevices of your walkway or driveway to kill weeds. It’s a great eco-friendly alternative to weed killers.

Use Vinegar to Control Weeds

Tip #2: Kill Vegetable Eating Pests

Spray vinegar directly onto snails and slugs who may be feasting on your garden vegetables.

Tip #3: Clean Birdbaths or Bird Feeders

Use vinegar to clean dirty bird baths, hummingbird feeders, or bird feeders in your garden. Scrub well and often and make sure to rinse them thoroughly.

Clean Birdbaths or Bird Feeders with Vinegar

Tip #4: Deter Ants

Spray vinegar on ant trails and thresholds or pour on an ant hill to remove ants. To prevent ants, spray thresholds with vinegar every few days.

Tip #5: Clean and Sanitize Outdoor Furniture

Use Four Monks vinegar and a soft cloth to clean and wipe down plastic patio furniture.

Tip #6: Freshen up and Preserve Cut Flowers

Mix 2 tablespoons and 1 teaspoon of sugar for each quart of water in your flower vases.

Tip #7: Clean Garden Tools

Clean and protect your garden tools by soaking them in half vinegar and water.

Clean Garden Tools with Vinegar

Tip #8: Wash Your Vegetables

Wash fresh vegetables with a mixture of 1 tablespoon of Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar in 1 1/2 quarts of water.

Tip #9: Test Your Soil

Put some dirt into a container and pour about 1/2 cup Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar into it. If it fizzes or bubbles up, it is too alkaline. Simply add peat moss or sulfur to make your soil pH more neutral.

Tip #10: Clean Planters and Vases

Remove crusty deposits on house planters or clean out stains and white mineral crusts in clay, glazed and plastic pots by soaking them for several hours in an inch of Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar. You can also get rid of the water line in a flower vase by filling it with Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar, or by soaking a paper towel in Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar and stuffing it into the vase so that it is in contact with the water line.

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