Repurposed Cane Halloween Prop

If you haven’t been following along, this year for Halloween my family and I are going to be the Addams family. I am going to be Morticia, my oldest daughter will be Wednesday, my youngest Baby Pubert, and my husband Gomez.  In planning our costumes, my husband asked me to make him a cane or walking stick. So, I went on a thrift store hunt and ultimately came up with this easy repurposed cane Halloween prop for his Gomez Addams costume.

Time: 20-30 Minutes (excluding dry time)




On my search for a cane at Goodwill, I came across this short old pool stick. I took one look and snatched it up.  It had a cool design and it was cheap. I asked my husband if he wanted it painted, but we decided to keep it as is. I had an old wooden black knob and used E6000 to glue it on (allow it to dry for 24 hours). For the rubber stop, I used Woody Brown Sugru and rolled it into a ball. I placed it onto the tip of the pool stick and shaped it.  I let it dry overnight and it turned into rubber. It was awesome!

It turned out great and made the perfect cane prop for my husband’s costume.




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