Cheap and Easy Morticia Addams Halloween Costume

Idea for a Cheap and Easy Morticia Addams Halloween Costume

My family and I are going to be the Addams family this year for Halloween. My six-year-old daughter is all set to be Wednesday Addams and I even turned her trick or treat pail into Cousin It. Thanks, to big sis, my 7 month old is going as Baby Pubert. This means, I get to be Morticia and my husband is Gomez. Now, I didn’t want to spend a ton of money so here is how I made this cheap and easy Morticia Addams Halloween costume for $2.99.

The first thing I did was raid my closet. With a little luck I found a black cotton maxi skirt and a long sleeve black top.  It was a super old one from Old Navy. I don’t think I have worn it in years! I tried it on and it was so comfortable it felt like I was wearing PJ’s.  As a mother of 2 who will be walking around all night trick or treating, this was a total score!


Besides temporary black hair color and red lipstick, I needed to add a little more to my costume. So, I went to Goodwill and found a black scarf for $2.99. Here is how I upcycled my old shirt for my Morticia costume:

Time: 20-30 Minutes



I cut my scarf in half and doubling it over. It ended up being the perfect size for my sleeve length. Next, I used a high tack double sided hem tape to secure the fold onto the sleeve seam. I cut both folds in random jagged edges as shown. In a few minutes I had a super cheap and easy Morticia top!


Here’s a few after shots with my husband and youngest daughter. My oldest daughter is missing because she is taking the picture! We didn’t realize that we didn’t take pictures of her and me util after we took everything off. Oh well! We’ll do it on Halloween!



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