DIY Christmas Ornament Tutorials

DIY Christmas Ornament Tutorials

I cannot believe Christmas is two months away. Time is flying by this year. I love looking back at my old tutorials that I’ve written over the years and thought I’d do a quick round-up of DIY Christmas ornament tutorials. Here are some easy favorites.

Winter Woodlands DIY Ornaments – Possibly my favorite ornaments I’ve ever made. These rustic woodland ornaments are delicate, beautiful, and fun to make.

DIY Snow Globe Ornaments – These were popular because I was able to figure out an easy way to make them!

Vintage Inspired Ornaments  – I decided to have a tree dedicated to vintage inspired ornaments. This is a great 15 minute Christmas craft.

Vintage Handkerchief Ornaments – After collecting several handkerchiefs from my antique shopping sprees. These ornaments are a great way to preserve and display them.

Poinsettia Christmas Ornaments for Kids – This is a popular one for teachers and kids. You can make them in a few easy steps with toilet paper or paper towel rolls.

Scrabble Christmas Ornaments – It seems like every household has an old Scrabble game with missing tiles. This is a fun way to upcycle the leftovers.

Skeleton Key Crafts – I found these keys in the dollar bin at a craft store. In five minutes they make pretty ornaments for the tree.

Happy Meal Toy Memory Ornaments – This is a great way to make keepsake memory ornaments out of plastic kid meal toys.

Recycled Christmas Card Ornaments – Have old Christmas cards? Don’t throw them away! Turn them into pretty recycled snowflakes.

DIY Christmas Ornament Tutorials DIY Inspired

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