Scrabble Christmas Ornaments

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So I made this Scrabble art for my guest room and had some left over tiles. After playing around with some words, and with the holidays coming up, I decided to make these Scrabble Christmas ornaments.

These are SUPER simple and you can get creative with them.  All you need is Scrabble tiles, a few craft materials, and your imagination.  If you don’t have an old unused Scrabble game, you can find them at thrift stores.  Sometimes they’ll even have a plastic bag of extra Scrabble tiles and no board that you can purchase for next to nothing! If you have no luck at a thrift store, and you don’t have a friend looking to get rid of theirs, craft stores actually sell wooden letter tiles that look like Scrabble tiles without the numbers. They are only about two dollars for a bag.


I used some ribbon and decorative wire for mine. I also used some scrapbook paper scraps. It’s easiest to use hot glue because it dries quickly and adheres very well to the tiles.  I glued both the ribbon/wire and the Scrabble tiles to scrapbook paper and then cut the excess paper using a cutting knife and cutting mat. For the “Noel” ornament I used a craft punch for the circles.


Here is how they turned out.


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Have any other Scrabble craft ideas? Please leave a comment!


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