DIY Four Leaf Clover Paper Art


As I was staring at this little Valentine’s Day Heart Wall Art I made as I was placing it on my mantel for my Valentine’s Day décor, it gave me an idea for St. Patrick’s Day. Since I find paper crafting relaxing, I really enjoyed making this DIY Four Leaf Clover Paper Art.  Here is how I made it.

Time: 30-45 Minutes


Watch the video tutorial:


First, paint your canvas and let it dry. Second, punch your heart out! Ha! Get it? For this sized canvas, I punched out the following using the heart squeeze punch:

  • 48 Vulcan Green
  • 42 Martian Green
  • 24 Gamma Green
  • 6 Glitter Gold

Once the paint is completely dry, glue down four hearts forming a clover as follows:

  • 1st row: 4 Vulcan Green Clovers
  • 2nd row: 4 Martian Green Clovers
  • 3rd row: 4 Gamma Green Clovers
  • 4th row: 3 Martian Green Clovers and 1 Gold Clover
  • 5th row: 4 Vulcan Green Clovers

Next, fold two hearts per clover in half and glue them on top of the top leaf and bottom leaf of each clover.

Lastly, frame your canvas.  I got this silver frame at IKEA.

You can use any color greens you choose.  You can also leave out the gold heart if you like. Another option is to use a bigger canvas and the extra-large Fiskars That’s Amore Squeeze Punch to make a bigger version.  I hope you try it out! In case you missed it, check out my hombre heart art project on newspaper print canvas too!

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