Easter Egg Ornament Tree

Easter Egg Ornament Tree, Written By: Jennifer Hostetler

Easter’s just around the corner! After putting up the Easter stuff I found a few items that are cute but just needed a little something. One item was this tree, years ago it had something that went on it but I could not find anything in my Easter stuff. My daughter and I decided to make some egg ornaments to hang from the tree.  This took us about 30 minutes and we found everything we need in our craft and Easter stuff. Here is how to make an Easter Egg Ornament Tree.


This is the tree that we had that looked just to plain:

1st cut the Ribbon in two lengths.  One that you will loop and make as the hanger and one that you tie into a bow.

2nd hot glued the hanger to the egg and then glued the bow on.

We finished by hanging them on the tree.

Added Tip:  When working with ribbon you can singe the ends of the ribbon with a lighter to keep it from fraying. Take precaution:  Holding the flame on the ribbon to long will catch it on fire so this should be a quick process. Always have a glass of water near by!

Have a fantastic Easter!



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