Elf on the Shelf DIY Messenger Bag

Easy No Sew Elf on the Shelf DIY Messenger Bag

I have come up with so many Elf on the Shelf ideas over the past couple years.  My first taste of it was just a couple years ago and now I am obsessed. I enjoy it so much because I love getting creative and my daughter gets so excited when Josie comes to visit her.  It’s worth every minute, even when I forget and have to get out of bed in the middle of the night. This time, I made an Elf on the Shelf DIY Messenger Bag. After all, Santa does send messages every once in a while. You only need three things to make it.

Here’s What You Need

Time: 5 Minutes


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This craft only takes a few minutes and costs pennies. I actually had an old jewelry felt bag that I had that gave me the idea.  If you don’t have one, simply glue one together with red felt and a hot glue gun. I cut a little white strap and glued it to the inside of the bag.

Elf on the Shelf No Sew Messenger Bag (1)

Next, I cut a little fringe out of green felt scraps.

Elf on the Shelf No Sew Felt Messenger Bag

I glued it on top. That’s it! Super easy!

Elf on the Shelf No Sew Messenger Bag Message from Santa

More Elf Ideas

This would be a great first day idea. Your Elf can show up with a special note from Santa.  I wrote a poem and made a first day printable if you need one!

Here are a couple more no sew Elf craft ideas in case you missed them!

No Sew Elf on the Shelf Skirt – The Elf on the Shelf clothing you can buy at the store is so expensive. This is a quick and easy no sew tutorial for how to make an apron skirt for pennies.

How to Make Elf Shoes – One day Mia asked why Josie did have shoes. The next day she showed up with a new pair!

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Here is a video of some of my ideas. Enjoy!


Elf on the Shelf DIY Messenger Bag DIY Inspired

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      1. Thank you for the ideas and the approximate size! Those of us who are making these for grands who don’t live nearby need the measurements!

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