Elf Sized Cereal Box Printable

Cut Out and Fold this Mini Elf Sized Cereal Box for Your Elf

Our elf Josie showed up with it along with scattered cereal on the counter, hence this Elf Sized Cereal Box Printable.

This little Elf O’s Cereal box works well for first day, last day, or any day during the Elf Christmas tradition. He or she can show up with a breakfast treat on the first day or leave one behind on the last day. I hope your elf can use it!

Elf Tip: If you have doll sized bowls and spoons, put it next to the box.

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Simply print and cut out the Elf Sized Cereal Box Printable. Fold it and secure with a glue stick or tape to make a cute little elf-sized cereal box.  Of course, elves like all things sweet, so box has funny sayings like, “EXTRA Sugar Added!”. On the back you will find an elf joke of the day and a kindness card. There is even nutrition information with “Lots of sugar, fat, calories, and carbs!” It also says “guaranteed sugar rush” on the front.

The one shown here was made from recommend card stock paper, but regular printer paper will work too. If desired, fill it with cereal!

Use this during any elf visit but it also makes a fun and unique arrival or departure for your elf. 

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