DIY Cupcake Stand

The BEST part of this DIY Cupcake Stand project is that I bought these blue trays years ago for $2.00 a piece on sale.  I have used them MULTIPLE times for baby showers, birthday parties, Super Bowl parties, and everyday entertaining.

I wanted to use them again for my daughter’s birthday party.  This time, however I wanted to create more height and dimension to the table to make the presentation better. I purchased two candlestick holders from a local thrift store for $1.25 each. I added a small wooden circle cut out so that the platters would be more stable and glued it to the top of the candlestick.  I decided to paint them white with paint I already had.  I simply attached the candlesticks with E6000 adhesive.

You can purchase E6000 here: E-6000 Med Visc 1-Ounce Adhesive

Here are some tips when completing this DIY Cupcake Stand Project:

  • Make sure that the platters you choose are food safe.
  • Wash all platters and candlestick holders and remove all stickers before you begin.
  • When aligning your platters, place them against a corner for more accurate alignment (see photo).
  • Place something heavy on top of the top platter until it dries completely.
  • Follow the directions on your glue as directed for drying times.
  • Do not wash your Cupcake Stand in the washer, rather hand wash them.

Here are some more after photos of my DIY Cupcake Stand.

DIY Cupcake Stands -DIY Inspired

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  1. The E6000 glue says not to use on anything that comes in contact with food. When you have a two tier platter some glue ends up on the plate at point of contact. Is this safe? Do you need to use cupcake liners? Did you use anything to wipe away excess glue?

    1. Hi Kelly!

      I made sure the E6000 didn’t over flow onto the exposed platter, so there wasn’t any excess to wipe away. I’ve used these for a few occasions: 1) with cupcake liners here:, 2) for exposed meat and cheese appetizers, and 3) for non food items:

      They’ve worked great! Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. I hope I answered your question!

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