Four Easy Halloween Party Crafts


If you couldn’t tell, my favorite holiday is Halloween.  I love everything about it; the decorations, the costumes, the weather, taking the kids trick-or-treating, and of course, the parties.  I’ve recently been able to participate in taking the kids trick-or-treating last year since my daughter is only two.  It’s a big production.  We meet at one house, get the kids dressed up and ready to go, have some drinks and appetizers, and the adults fill their cups with their beverage of choice!  In preparation for this big night, I wanted to share four easy Halloween party crafts.  All four are extremely inexpensive, and add character and an eerie charm to your Halloween party.  Click on the links for further details and helpful tips.

Recycled Halloween Bottles 

Buying Halloween decorations can get a little expensive.  If you take a look around the house, there are probably items that you can reuse and reinvent.  I made these Halloween bottles out of bottles I already had in my cupboards.  With a little help from Google Images, some paper and glue, I made these fun and easy recycled bottle Halloween props.  I gathered some lotion and liquor bottles for these.  Next, remove the labels and clean them.  For the images, I looked on Google images for inspiration, printed them out on card stock and cut them out.  I used plastic rhinestones in the eyes for the skeleton.


DIY Recycled Shoe Box Tombstones

Start collecting those shoe boxes, cereal boxes, and other food boxes to make these DIY Tombstones! Mount each box on top of each other and secure them with duct tape.  It’s ok if it’s messy because you will spray write over it with a stone textured spray paint. Decorate them with plastic bugs and gems.


Halloween Party Guest Hall of Fame

Honor each guest by turning our bathroom or hallway into an Insane Asylum Patient Hall of Fame.  Who made the cut? Your guests, of course!  Look for pictures of each attendee and print their photo on regular printer paper.  Carefully singe the edges with a lighter and blow out the flame.  Mount them on black card stock and glue on mismatched googly eyes.


Glittered Skulls

Finally, make a flashy Halloween centerpiece by glamming up those dollar store plastic skulls with glitter.  Don’t forget about glittering those cheap plastic bugs you can find at the dollar store too!  Place them on top of the skulls or place them so that they look like they are crawling out of the eye socket.  This is a great way to make something cheap and inexpensive look like you spent much more on them.

*****BONUS!!! Here’s a fifth Halloween craft for you!  I am excited and honored to have written an article for Home Made Simple on Black Painted Vases!  Check it out!*****

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  1. I love the googly eyes on the photos! I recently glittered some rats, but now I think I need to glitter my paper mache skull since this one is so cool.

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