Introducing My Skinny Cow WoCavé


I am absolutely ecstatic to be sponsored by Skinny Cow brand and a part of the WoCavé Campaign this summer!  What is a WoCavé  you ask? WoCavé {wo-cah-vay} is short for “Woman Cave”. It can be any place that you are in your truest self, where you are both fabulous and flawed, but ALWAYS celebrated!  It’s a place where you can indulge in sweets, do whatever you love, and kick up your heels with your friends. For me, my WoCavé is none other than… my craft room! 

Until the end of August, you will see me here on DIY Inspired completing three exciting creative DIY missions from Skinny Cow. More on that in a second…first, let me introduce you to MY WoCavé!

My craft room is my sanctuary. Period. <Insert music from the heavens here>

skinny-cow-wocave (2)

It’s a place where I am inspired and where I write this blog.  It’s a place filled with “stuff” I have upcycled, including these stools and these drawers.

skinny-cow-wocave (10)

skinny-cow-wocave (9)

It’s a place where I am most organized and everything has its place.

skinny-cow-wocave (6)

skinny-cow-wocave (4)

skinny-cow-wocave (3)

skinny-cow-wocave (5)

It’s a place where I am surrounded by things that I can’t live without, like craft paint and spray paint.

skinny-cow-wocave (7)

skinny-cow-wocave (8)

It’s a place where my daughter is just as inspired and likes to create too!

skinny-cow-wocave (11)

Now that you have had a sneak peek into MY WoCavé, let me share a tad about my first mission from Skinny Cow!

Hint #1: The inspiration is inside this box.

skinny-cow-wocave (1)

Hint #2: It involves crafting with my best friend in my WoCavé!

Hint #3: It involves Skinny Cow ice cream candy bars! 

More exciting news…

Every girl needs a WoCavé and Skinny Cow wants to know how you’d style your personal WoCavé. Now until July 15th, just visit Skinny Cow’s page to build your WoCavé, making sure to include one featured item in your set.  One grand prize winner will receive a $7,500 gift card, a Skinny pink mini fridge, a micro-suede “ottowoman”, a hammered metal candy bowl, a memory board, a WoCavé wall decal and five coupons for Skinny Cow treats!  What????? Yes! And five runners-up will win a Skinny Cow prize package that includes all the above except the gift card.  You have one week left to enter!

I can’t wait to show you my first Skinny Cow WoCavé mission and introduce my second mission!

This post was sponsored by Skinny Cow brand. I received monetary compensation and product for this post.  All opinions are 100% my own.


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  1. I’m pretty jealous of your wocave. What a fab room to have. I’d never heard of Skinny Cow, but how fun. Craft projects in a box =)

  2. Love you skinny cow who cave!! Also love the idea that it’s also a place for you and your daughter-start her young on a wocave and Skinny Cow! Can’t wait to see what you are going to do next–love your blogs.

  3. I love your craft room – especially those map drawers!! I miss having a craft room – since I’ve downsized I had to give up that luxury!

  4. Holy cow! (No pun intended.) Your craft room is amazing! One day I would like to have a room like this… but filled with all of my books and sewing machine.

  5. In love with your wocave! I love how everything is so gorgeously organized and it totally reflects your style. Looking forward to reading your future posts!

  6. Hi Dinah!
    Such a lovely post! I was so excited to see your craft room! I am currently getting my own WoCave’ set up, and your space offers a lot of great ideas!
    P.S. – I signed up for BBC Dallas, and then saw you were on the Twitter list too! This will be my first Blogging conference, guess I’m jumping in at the deep end! haha
    Hope to get to see you there!

  7. Where would I find the same craft table in the picture of your craft room? I love it and am replacing mine.

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