DIY Laundry Room Labels

Easy Clean and Simple DIY Laundry Room Labels

Get Organized with DIY Laundry Room Labels

If you enter our home through the garage, you have to walk through the laundry room. For me, I do this several times a day because I park my car in the garage. The problem is that my laundry room is the one place that “things” get piled into: heaps of clothes, stuff that needs to go in the garage, things for the pool, stuff for the dogs, the baby’s diaper bag… you name it. With that said, I wanted to do something to help organize this unsightly but high traffic area of the house. So, today I am sharing how I made these DIY laundry room labels.

There is a lot of satisfaction that comes with a clean and organized laundry room. After all, a lot of time is spent there. I’m sharing an idea for these DIY laundry room labels to not only help organize this often used space, but to give it an aesthetically pleasing look as well.

Here’s What You Need

Time: 15 Minutes


  • Wire Baskets
  • Cardstock
  • Brochure Paper or Other Heavy Weight Paper
  • Glue Stick
  • Scissors
  • Raffia Ribbon (or ribbon of choice)
  • Tape

DIY Laundry Room Labels Instructions

  1. First things first. Determine what needs to be placed in the baskets. For me, I had room for four baskets to be placed on a shelf above my washer and dryer. I narrowed down to things for the dogs (extra bowls, leashes, trash bags), sunscreen for the pool, lint rollers and small trash bags, and stain removers.
  2. Type out each label and print it on sturdy brochure paper. Cut out the desired size of your label. Be sure to measure your basket. Cut a piece of cardstock that is larger than your label. This will be used as a boarder. Use a glue stick to glue each label to a boarder card.
  3. Embellish each label with raffia ribbon, using tape to secure it on the back.
  4. Tape the label to the front of the wire basket. You can also punch a hole and tie it with ribbon.
  5. Get creative and try colored cardstock or scrapbook paper and patterned ribbon to match your laundry room décor.

I hope you like these DIY Laundry Room Labels! They’ve already made that room not only better looking, but more organized!

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