Reading Nook for Kids

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I saw this fantastic idea using spice racks to hold books on Pinterest.  I love this reading nook idea because it takes little space, and adds charm and character while encouraging good reading habits to our little ones.  When I went to IKEA however, these wooden spice racks were nowhere to be found.  I decided to keep looking and stumbled upon some photo ledges that I thought would fit perfectly for a reading nook I had wanted to make for my daughter for her room.

Here is what her wall looked like before.  It was plain and sad with an off centered organization board I made last year. Blah and boring!

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I found a fun cherry blossom decal and added it to the plain walls along with two photo ledges at a height that would make it easy for my toddler to reach. I hung them off set from one another.

DIY-book-nook (2)

Here is a close up.

DIY-book-nook (7)

I purchased and painted some wooden letters to spell out “books” and “read” with acrylic craft paint.  I didn’t originally plan on it saying “read books” but I found an old curb side pick-up frame that I thought would look cute around the words.

DIY-book-reading-nook (8)


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Here another photo.  It turned out quite nice.

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My daughter actually picks up and reads her books more often now because they are displayed.  No longer hidden in her organization cubes, her books are now easily accessible and a constant reminder that she has them!

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  1. This is so sweet for a little girls room. I really like the stencil behind it too. It’s a nice touch.

  2. I am inspired to create a painted wooden framed sign that says I CAN READ. Being schizoaffective, it is difficult for me to read books from beginning to end….I plan to create a book nook around my corner desk, as I fall asleep when I read in bed!!! And some of my books will be displayed, so I feel encouraged to read them! My plan is to return to university in my 40s which will require a lot of reading. In the meantime, I actually want to read my non school books. I collect children’s books; psychology books; and medical books….I am 39. I will be 40 on June 25th!!!

    1. Congrats on returning to school! I definitely know how you feel being a former grad school student! I think that’s a great idea to help inspire you to read. Happy early birthday!!

      1. Thank you so much, Dinah!!!

        I would love to finish my bachelor’s degree and then take Montessori training or go to medical school!

        How did you mount the spice racks on the wall? Do I need a drill? I am looking for book display shelving that does not require a drill!!!

        I would like to create a special display for my childrens books!

        I am honored to receive encouragement from you, Dinah! You are an accomplished lady….

        – Jennifer Ann de la Torre

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