12 Clever Gift Wrapping Ideas

12+ Clever Gift Wrapping Ideas Plus a Few Tips and Tricks

I wrapped a present for one of my daughter’s best friends. It was her birthday and I wanted to do something special for her. I decided on wrapping it with colorful striped paper (honestly is was the only paper I had that would wrap her whole gift!). To make it stand out, I tied the three packages together and glued some craft butterflies to it. Wrapping this gift reminded me of how much I enjoyed gift wrapping, so today I thought I’d share a round-up of a dozen clever gift wrapping ideas that I have done in the past.

12 Clever Gift Wrapping Ideas

Tip #1: Use a Plastic Table Cloth from the Dollar Store

This is a great tip for wrapping awkwardly shaped gifts. Here’s an Instagram Reel I did on how to wrap rain boots with a plastic table cloth.

I did this for Valentine’s Day. Here is a photo.

Awkward Shaped Gifts Wrapping Idea

Tip #2: Get inspired by a Cartoon Character or holiday

Here are a few ways I incorporated the party theme into our gift.

Spongebob Squarepants Gift Wrapping

First, I may have gotten carried away with this one, but I couldn’t help it! I used craft punches and paper scraps to turn the box into Spongebob. As a result, the birthday boy didn’t want to open it because he didn’t want to ruin it!


Frozen Gift Wrapping with DIY Olaf Card

I helped decorate a Frozen Fever Summer birthday party, so I had to match the gift wrapping for our present to the birthday girl!

Frozen Gift Wrapping with Olaf Card

Superhero Gift Wrapping DIY

This clever gift wrapping idea was for my twin God Daughters; complete with DIY masks and paper capes!


DIY Father’s Day Gift Wrapping

With the help of some paper scraps and ribbon, this is a simple and cheap way to spruce up a gift wrapped in a brown paper bag.

DIY Father's Day Gift Wrapping - DIY Inspired

Jungle Gift Wrapping

My most recent gift wrapping post, you can use these DIY paper leaves for jungle themed or Hawaiian themed party decorations too.

Jurassic Park Gift Wrapping

Tip #3: Upcycle what you already have

Easy DIY Paper Flowers Gift Wrapping

I am obsessed with making these little paper flowers. It is the perfect way to embellish a gift, small or large. This post includes a quick 1 minute how-to video.

Black White Gold Paper Flowers

Three Clever DIY Upcycled Packaging Ideas

This post shows three thrifty and creative ways to wrap small gifts with recycled boxes and cans.

Recycled Can Gift Wrapping

Recycled Food Containers & Dyed Coffee Filter Flowers

One year I splurged on my two God Daughters birthday gifts so, recycling food containers was a way to save a little money.

creative-gift-wrapping (2) (560x381)

Hot Wheels Gift Wrapping

This post was an easy way to creatively combine part of the gift with the gift wrapping. Just use black construction paper and white duct tape.


Recycled Box Gift Bags

Penultimately, these DIY gift bags are easy but creative; especially when you can’t find an old gift bag to recycle.


Toilet Paper Roll Gift Wrapping

This is a cute and colorful way to wrap small gifts. Any type of cardboard tube will do! Here’s another tutorial for these heart tubes.

Cardboard Tube Gift Wrapping Idea

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12 Clever Gift Wrapping Ideas- DIY Inspired



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