Dollar Tree Challenge DIY Jewelry

Episode 2: Dollar Tree Challenge DIY Jewelry

Holy moly! This episode, Dollar Tree Challenge DIY Jewelry, was not what I intended but still came out great. You’ll see what I mean…

$5 Dollar Tree Challenge- DIY Jewelry

My daughter’s and I decided to create a YouTube show where we each have $5 to shop. The girls pick a theme of the week and we must make something out of the items we find at the Dollar Tree. In case you missed the first episode, DIY Pencil Cases, here it is on YouTube. By the way, I’d love it if you would subscribe!


Episode 1: DIY Pencil Cases

What did you think? We had the BEST time doing this. It’s such a fun bonding experience with the girls.

On to Episode two..

For this next episode, our challenge was to make our own piece of unique jewelry. However, we ended up sharing all of our supplies and sat around for a couple hours making random jewelry.

Watch it now…

No tutorial was involved, rather just a fun time with the family and getting creative. Mia made us wear these mustaches she found, and I think I laughed the entire time.

What We Bought

  • Mustaches, of course
  • Letter Beads
  • Round Beads
  • Curling Ribbon
  • Duct Tape
  • Googly Eyes
  • Nail Polish
  • String

What We Made

Nala, age 4, made googly eye bracelets and duct tape bracelets painted with nail polish. I folded the duct tape lengthwise and she glued eye on them and painted them. She ended up giving up and painting a picture with the nail polish… I don’t recommend that… ha!

Mia, age 10, made a matching necklace and bracelet set with her name on it. The curling ribbon actually worked really well. It made it easy to string and as a bonus the knot stays when you take them on and off. I wore mine all weekend.

I, age ?, made random bracelets with both beads and duct tape. I braided three pieces of duct tape together and it made it look like leather. I honestly just had the best time hanging out with my girls.

Dollar Tree Challange DIY Jewelry

Stay Tuned for Episode 3

Stay tuned for Episode 3! Our theme will be… DIY picture frames! I was not prepared for that one! Mia picked this theme and it was a tough one for me. We can’t wait to show you.

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$5 Dollar Tree DIY Jewelry Challenge

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