Cheap and Easy DIY Cake Toppers

There is a reason I am not a food blogger. Ha! I can bake a cake and cupcakes, but I simply don’t ENJOY it. I would rather pay someone else to do it.  I DO however, like to make cake toppers.  I think personalizing them is more fun than baking the cake. There seem to be a lot of celebrations coming up this summer, so I thought I’d come up with this round up. Here are cheap and easy DIY cake toppers I have done in the past.

Pictured above are butterflies I quickly whipped up for some cupcakes made of some craft embellishments from the Michael’s dollar bins. These next three are great because they are personalized with photos, therefore they can be used for almost every special occasion; birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, retirement, you name it.

Easy DIY Photo Banner Cake Topper

DIY 3D Photo Cupcake Toppers

Turn Facebook Photos into DIY Cake Toppers

Here are two very simple first birthday ideas.  Of course, you can use these same ideas for 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, etc.

DIY First Birthday Cake Topper

First Birthday DIY Cake Toppers

For us older folk, (haha) here is how you glitter numbers for special birthdays like 16, 18, 21, 30, 40, 50, etc.

DIY Glittered Number Cake Topper

This one was a recent discovery.  The best part was that it cost about $2.00.

Printing on Glitter Foil Paper

These are more specific to certain themes or holidays. I made a circus theme cake topper and cupcake toppers that looked like a carousel. For Christmas, I made these little elf feet with boots to put on top of white cupcakes to make it look like elves fell in a snow bank.

Carnival Carousel or Circus Cake Topper Tutorial

DIY Circus Theme Cake Topper

DIY Christmas Elf Legs Cupcake Toppers

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