Scary Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween Autopsy Room (2)

Last year I helped decorate a 40th birthday party the day after Halloween so I didn’t get to post the decorations in time. I wanted to share these scary Halloween party ideas with you today for inspiration for this year. The hostess had a very low budget, so the two of us and another best friend, brought over all of our Halloween decorations. My friend purchased a few small things like fake blood, bloody decals, a banner, and spider webs.  We improvised with the rest combining all our decorations.

I have to break the party up into two posts, otherwise the post would be WAY too long, and so I separated it into indoor decorations and outdoor decorations. Let’s start with when you first walk into the house. We gathered old sheets and other fabrics and covered all the furniture, layering some with cobwebs. We also covered large picture frames and mirrors. This worked well, because the décor also protected the furniture from spills, as the living room doubled as a dance floor.

Haunted House Sheets

Haunted House Sheets (1)

Haunted House Sheets (2)

Spider webbed Covered Mirror

The living room also had a large bay window, so we decorated the window sill with skulls, bones, webs, and spiders.

Halloween Bay Window Decorations

Halloween Bay Window Decorations (1)

Down the hall I covered all the family photos with scary Halloween pictures. You can see all of them in detail and how I made them here.

Haunted Pictures for Halloween

We turned the bathroom into an autopsy room. Inside we placed a dirty cookie sheet filled with dollar store items blotted with fake blood. In the bathroom we made a body by stuffing some clothes and adding a cheap Halloween mask as the head.

Halloween Autopsy Room

Halloween Autopsy Room (2)

Halloween Masacred Body

In the kitchen I made and hung large tarot cards with fishing line that hovered over a creepy crystal ball with a spooky talking head inside. This is how I made the tarot cards.

Tarot Cards Halloween Decoration (2)

Tarot Cards Halloween Decoration

Tarot Cards Halloween Decoration (1)

Halloween Crystal Ball

Check out the outside of the party! Being in southern California, it’s not too cold to throw a party outside at this time of year. 

DIY Haunted House Ideas

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