Softball Gift with Printable Poem

Give This Magic Pin as a Team Softball Gift with Printable Poem

Do you remember friendship pins? We used to make them in the 80’s and pin them to out shoe laces. I recall making a ton of these for my friends in every color. I was so obsessed that I’d make them on the bus on the way to and from school. This throwback kid’s craft was the inspiration for this softball team gift.

Well, another season of softball is over and now it’s time to celebrate the season with team parties. As I mentioned, I wanted to make these cute friendship pin inspired pins. I wrote a poem to go along with it.  I wanted it to be something inspiring and positive because I do believe in self fulfilling prophecies and if you believe in something, it can come true.


The poem says:

This magic pin will bring you luck.

Just place it on your bag or glove.

Before each game hold it tight,

And make a wish with all your might.

At bat be strong, be proud, and fierce.

Use your skills from all these years.

Do your best and think of this pin.

Stay positive and confident and bring home the win.

Cute, right? I must have edited it a million times. Here’s how to get it for free.

Print the Softball Poem Tags for FREE

I made the printable poem available here for FREE: Softball Gift with Printable Poem

All you have to do is print and cut them out. A paper cutter does come in handy but not necessary. I would also suggest printing them on a heavy weight card stock or brochure paper.

Watch the Tutorial Video

Making Your Softball Magic Pins

Time: 30 minutes – an hour


This materials list contains affiliate links for my recommended products.


You can customize these pins according to your team color, it’s up to you! I bought these gold and red beads at Michael’s and the softball beads on Amazon.

Consider making these pins in your team colors! Also, don’t forget to make one for the Coach!

I used 8 safety pins for one magic pin. You can do any pattern, but here is the pattern I used.

After you print and cut the cards, I used a safety pin to poke two holes for the ribbon right above the heart image.  To make this step easier, I used a dish towel behind the card to poke the holes through. Next, string the ribbon tying it in a bow and pinning the Magic Pin through the ribbon.

If you’d like, you can package them up in plastic favor bags. I created a name tag for each of the girls on our team.

I hope you like them!

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