Superhero Teacher Movie Ticket Printable

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It’s teacher appreciation week; a time to celebrate the superhero teacher in your life! My favorite things to give the girl’s teachers are things like gift cards and movie tickets. I recall some conversations with friends who are teachers and although not personal, they really do like gift cards and movie tickets the best.

This is why I try to that the “not personal” part out of it, and design something special.

Let’s face it, “teacher” is just a job description. They are the REAL superheros! It’s a simple idea for a teacher who loves going to the movies and the best part is that it only takes 5 minutes! I hope you like it!

I actually had a request for this as a custom order and then decided to put it in my Etsy shop as well. More on my Etsy shop later. First, here is the printable.

Get the Superhero Teacher Printable

Get it here >>> Superhero Teacher Movie Ticket Printable

All you need are:

  • the printable
  • movie tickets
  • a paper clip

Simply print out the printable movie ticket envelope and cut it out. Fold it into a tri-fold. Paperclip the tickets inside the envelope and secure it shut with glue dots.

Here is the a back:

You can use regular printer paper but I recommend using something sturdier like brochure paper or card stock.

The “to” section says “AKA: The REAL Superhero” and under the “from” section it says, “AKA Your super student”.

This printable is large enough to fit several different sized movie tickets or gift cards.

I also made a regular movie ticket version of this as well. You can see it here: Printable Movie Ticket Envelope.

I hope you like it!

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My Etsy shop, DIY Inspired Inc, is something fairly new to me. I started it in November of 2017.  It is an extra income for me to help keep this site running with all the 100’s of free tutorials that I write here on DIY Inspired. It is a new found love. There you will find kids printable toys like play money and credit cards or pretend restaurant menus  and play sets. I also have some fun and unique Elf on the Shelf inspired printables and Leprchaun trap printables.

I am always looking for new ideas to create and add to it. So, if there are ever any custom printables that you need, please feel free to comment or reach out to me and hopefully I can help make your idea come to life!

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