Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties


What’s red and green with pom-pom’s all over?  An ugly Christmas sweater!  Time to get those ridiculous sweaters out!  If the sweater has lots of red and green, reindeer, felt appliques, snowmen, sequins, bows and ribbons, it’s a sure hit for one of these parties!  These parties are fun because it’s a chance for everyone to laugh at themselves and others!  In fact, what you’re going for IS the laughs!  These parties bring back memories of growing up when life was uncomplicated and fun.  The sheer joy of acting silly, being at home with family, eating cookies and putting out cookies for Santa are all wrapped into these crazy ugly sweaters.

If you don’t have an ugly sweater to wear you can easily make one, visit a thrift store like I did to get the two pictured here, or shop online where entire websites are devoted to the sale of ugly Christmas sweaters!

The Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Book: The Definitive Guide to Getting Your Ugly On can help you as you navigate your way through the intricacies of the ugly Christmas sweater party.  Cookies and cakes can be decorated as ugly Christmas sweaters; all food is sure to be “ugly” and don’t forget to supply “eat, drink and be ugly” liquid refreshments.  Have a No Talent show, play a game of Christmas charades acting out your favorite characters from Christmas movies, in fact, take every party game you know and turn it into something Christmas.

Give prizes for the Ugliest Sweater, and other categories you come up with, such as the Ugliest Christmas Socks!  With that in mind, don’t forget to wear ugly Christmas hats, gloves, and pants!  Supply a plain sweatshirt or two with a variety of decorating items such as glue, Santa’s, bells, etc. and have groups compete against each other to see who can decorate the ugliest Christmas sweatshirt. Winning team gets to take home decorated ugly sweater cupcakes.

If you check on Pinterest you will find numerous ideas for parties, decorations, food, and gifts for Ugly Sweater Parties!  It only comes once a year, so indulge and let your inner child out. Wear that ugly sweater loud and proud. You will be giving back lots of laughs and isn’t that what the ugly sweater party is all about?!

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