Upcycled Gift Card Charms

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Upcycled Gift Card Charms written by Michal Sparks



Being the Mom to a couple of teenagers our life could not move forward without ipods and itunes so as a result we have numerous itunes gift cards. These cards are particularly brightly colored and my daughter Ivy and I got to thinking……We made heart charms that came out so cute and were super easy, fast and fun!

These are a few of the cards we had, any plastic gift card would work.

We cut each card into 8 squares.

Then using just regular scissors, cut the heart shapes.

 I cut them free form as I think they look cool a little uneven.

Then we”sanded” them with a basic nail file.

When the hearts got roughed up they took on a whole new look!


Just punch a hole in one corner with a basic craft small hole punch.


Add a jump ring.


We added a little glass seed bead on a head pin for an accent color.


Put it on a chain and you’re done!!

Too cute!

Great for a party activity.

Go crazy, make two for earrings, cut different shapes, maybe squares that link together for a bracelet!

Have Fun!

 To see more of Michal’s work, visit her Etsy Shop, A Clever Spark!


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