Upcycle Wire Fencing for Outdoor Christmas Lights


Trash to Treasure: Upcycle Wire Fencing for your Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Upcycle Wire Fencing for Outdoor Christmas Lights

Christmas is right around the corner and our porch is beginning to reflect the season!  A length of found wire fencing from our barn ended up as a porch decoration!  This year is definitely a DIY Christmas because we brought hardly any decorations when we moved a few months ago from California to Tennessee. 

I found some rolls of old wire fencing in a section of our barn….

Wire Fencing

This fencing was perfect for the Christmas tree I wanted to make for our front porch.  After measuring the length and width of the porch where I wanted to hang the wire, the job of unrolling and straightening the wire began…

Wire Fencing (1)

Once the wire was flattened and on the ground, then secured with wood to hold it down, I measured and cut the wire.

Wire Fencing (2)

Wire Fencing (3)

Because the wire was only 4’ high, two pieces of wire needed to be cut to length and then wired together for the proper measurements required.

Next, the wire needed to be attached to the porch.  This was done by placing a few nails at the top and bottom of the porch railings and hooking the wire on, then hammering the nails closed a bit to hold the wire in place.

Wire Fencing (4)

For this opening of about 6’ X 6’ I used 300 mini lights.  I attached the lights to the wire using pieces of 28 gauge steel wire.

Here’s the finished product! 

Trash to Treasure Upcycle Wire Fencing for your Outdoor Christmas Decorations
The lights will be on “Officially” in a couple of weeks.  In the meantime, I have other Christmas decorations I’m working on and will share with you.  I liked the bells Dinah just made so much that I’m on the hunt for springs! 

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