3 Tips for DIY Budget-Friendly Gift Baskets

Recently I made some gift baskets for our club. Normally gift baskets can be expensive to put together because you not only buy what to put into the basket, you have to purchase the basket itself.  Here are some tips for DIY budget-friendly gift baskets.

3 Tips for DIY Budget-Friendly Gift Baskets DIY Inspired

Tip #1: Check thrift store for hidden treasures.

I decided to see if I could use a combination of thrift store and new items to make these baskets and save some money. For the baskets, I wanted baskets that were large enough for the items to fit comfortably and to be sturdy enough to hold the weight of those items.

The “Family Game Night” basket shown above is a good example of using items new and from the thrift store.  (Thrift store items: the basket and the plastic popcorn holders.)  All I added was a gift certificate to Papa John’s Pizza, candy, and microwave popcorn. 

Another basket, the “Wine Lovers Basket”:

3 Tips for DIY Budget-Friendly Gift Baskets

Tip #2: Mix in New Items    

I knew this basket had to be able to hold some weight, so when I found a pink basket I knew it would work with just a coat of metallic black paint.  (Thrift store items: the basket, and the beautiful wine glasses.)  I added a couple of bottles of wine, a wine bottle opener, some chocolates, olives, and crackers.  By combining thrift store finds with new purchases, it is possible to put together beautiful gift baskets and save money at the same time. 

Tip #3: Check other Retailers that take Coupons

I used plastic basket gift bags (99 cents each from Michaels) to wrap the baskets.  These clear bags come in sizes small, medium and large.  I found the gold and silver “Shred” (filler) at Hobby Lobby.

When I visit a thrift store, I’m always on the look-out for items that can be used as is, upcycled or recycled into new creations.  In this case, they led to these beautiful gift baskets.

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