Basic Tips for Watering and Pruning Roses

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Basic Tips for Watering and Pruning Roses

When we moved into our new home, the previous owner loved roses.  In fact, we have over two dozen beautiful rose bushes and in many colors like, pink, red, peach, yellow, and white. Because of this, my husband and I had to learn very quickly how to care for them. I have always thought I lacked a green thumb, but surprisingly learning to care for roses was simpler than we thought. So, I thought I’d share basic tips for watering and pruning roses.

Roses bloom in spring, summer, and fall.  They need full sun for at least 6 hours a day. To create a healthy and beautiful garden make sure you choose premium flowers. Monrovia has a great selection with many different colors and hybrids to choose from. Be sure to purchase roses that fit your climate. You can always ask a gardener at your local garden center for help.

Yellow Roses


It’s difficult to overwater roses.  Mulch will help keep the moisture in, insulates roots, and conserves water. To ensure a healthy well-nourished rose bush, follow these watering tips.

  • Roses need an inch of water a week, about once every 5 days
  • Water the soil, not the leaves
  • Watering the soil will reduce disease
  • Water early in the morning
  • Do not water in the heat or wind
  • Water deeply (saturate soil without runoff) to get the entire root zone
  • If the top 2-3 inches are dry, it’s time to water

Pink Roses


Pruning is important not only to maintain shape and encourage flowering, but pruning improves health and prevents diseases as well.

  • Prune dead and damaged branches
  • Prune in early spring
  • Prune in the summer as well, in warmer climates
  • Prune above the bud eye (area before branching occurs)
  • Deadhead spent blooms with sharp pruning shears at an angle with a quick clean cut

I hope these tips help and encourage you to plant your own rose garden!  Hop on over to Monrovia and find a premium variety of edibles, perennials, and fragrant shrubs to get your ideal garden started!

Basic Tips for Watering and Pruning Roses - DIY Inspired

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  1. Thank you for yr tips relating to roses. I can often get 30C and higher temps in Western Australia. I shifted my roses in big pots to another site, less sun, and they have all come up in bloom again, smaller blooms but more. I will apply yr advice and see what happens. Thank you.

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