Chicken Nesting Box to Herb Home


Trash to Treasure: Chicken Nesting Box to Herb Home

Chicken Nesting Box Turned Herb Home Repurposed

My herbs have a new home!  This old chicken nesting box became home for my herbs this year.  I wanted to plant more herbs this time around and have them protected from the wind and cold that is still here in Tennessee in April.

Here’s the nesting box before I started work on it:

Chicken Hutch Turned Herb Home Salvaged - Chicken Nesting Box

Each section has a removable bottom that needed to have holes drilled in the bottom so water would flow through once each section was planted with herbs.  Here’s those bottoms removed:

Chicken Hutch Turned Herb Home Tras to Treasure

Next, the entire structure (3’ X 5’) needed to be sanded then painted.  I only painted the outside as I didn’t want paint on the inside boxes where herbs would be planted.

Chicken Hutch Turned Herb Home Repurpose

Here it is newly painted ready to be moved outside.  There are two brackets on the top corners that are very useful in attaching to the outside structure to keep it steady.

Chicken Hutch Turned Herb Home Upcycle

My next write up will be about the herbs that are planted in this unique planter.  We may not have chickens on the property, but this chicken nesting box gives the backyard nice country ambiance!

Update!! I took some updated pictures of the herbs. They love the area they are in – sun in the morning and early afternoon and when the heat comes, they are in shade. 

Upcycled Herb Garden - Chicken Nesting Box

Repurposed Herb Garden

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