Bubble Tape Party Favor

Easy Bubble Tape Party Favor for a Christmas Party

My best friends and I had our annual Christmas party last weekend. We don’t normally buy gifts but since there was going to be eleven kids, I wanted to send them home with a small party favor. Bubble Tape seemed to be the way for me to go since the kid’s ages ranged from five to eleven. To make them a little more festive I made these Bubble Tape party favors look like Christmas ornaments.

Time: 5-0 Minutes



I Bubble Tape at Target for about .90 a piece.  They came in packs of two. 

The front label of the Bubble Tape works well with a 2” circle craft punch.  For design purposes, keep in mind that the yellow trim will show.  This s why I stuck to the color and patterned paper that I chose.

Simply punch out a circle and use double sided tape to stick it to the label.  To make it look like an ornament, I cut out small rectangles out of silver glittered paper and punched a small hole.  I strung a piece of twine through the hole to make it look like a hanger.

All the kids loved it.  It was suitable for all ages.

By the way, I know I said we don’t normally buy gifts but I couldn’t pass up these ornaments that were on clearance and made this cute best friend gift tag with a poem.  Check them out!  You can use them anytime; not just for Christmas.


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