Best Crafts for Teens and Tweens

A List of Best Crafts for Teens and Tweens

During the summer there is a lot more time for crafting, especially for your kids.  We thought we’d put together the best crafts for teens and tweens from the DIY inspired craft arsenal. The best part is that these are all fun for adults too, so you can do them together.  We are breaking these up in categories, DIY Teen and Tween room décor and Teen and Tween accessories. Another bonus is that all these tutorials have accompanying video tutorials. Here we go!

Teen and Tween DIY Room Décor

The first two are fun wall hangings.  These would look great hanging in a craft room, bedroom, and living room, but they are very pretty for teen rooms as well, especially if your teen like the Boho style that is popular now.

Bringing it back old school, make an easy macramé wall hanging with hoops.

Get the tutorial: Easy Macramé Wall Hanging with Hoops

This second wall hanging I great because you can play around with the color scheme. Plus, it’s so inexpensive and easy, if you want to change up the colors just start over!

Get the tutorial: Easy DIY Double Hoop Wall Hanging

Add a little personality to your outlets and switches. This is also one that is inexpensive to change. Switchplates at your local hardware store are only a couple dollars and you only need fabric scraps to make these.

Get the tutorial: DIY Fabric Covered Switchplates

These rope baskets are addicting.  Buy some rope at your local hardware store and make rope baskets or bowls.  You can make a trashcan or storage baskets for a bedroom or make small bowls to keep your room organized.

Get the tutorial: DIY Rope Basket with Yarn

Another craft that has been around for years and years, put a modern spin on paper mache bowls with metallics, color, and a medallion design.

Get the tutorial: How to Make Paper Mache Bowls

Teen and Tween DIY Accessories

Design your own tattoos! I made these for my daughter, who is six, but the design possibilities are endless!

Get the tutorial: How to Make your Own Temporary Tattoos

Make these personalized photo pins of classmates and friends from school pictures or social media photos. You can put them on backpacks, jackets, or purses.

Get the tutorial: DIY Photo Pins

These next two crafts are fun for parties or honestly anytime! Making your own headbands for birthdays or for going to a special event or theme park. Here are how to make a party top hat and how to make a unicorn headband.

Get the tutorial: Make a Top Hat out of a Headband

Get the tutorial: How to Make a Unicorn Headband

This last one may not be an accessory for you, but you can make one for your fur baby! Personalize some burlap or canvas and make your own DIY dog (or cat) bowl mat.

Get the tutorial: Bone Appetit DIY Dog Bowl Mat

Before you go, check out these fun recycled craft ideas for your home or these 4 easy paper crafts for kids!

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