Easy DIY Photo Holder

Easy DIY Photo Holder with Wire and Rocks


Easy DIY Gift Ideas for Him

I have another fun and easy photo DIY! It’s an easy DIY photo holder that costs only a few dollars to make and makes a great little gift or stocking stuffer.  Best of all, you can make them from items around the house. It also is an easy kids craft to make for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. Here is the tutorial and learn how to print Instagram, Facebook, and Flickr images straight from your smart phone.

Time: 10 Minutes


  • Rocks
  • Wire Cutters
  • 16 Gauge Wire
  • Photos

Make Your Photo Holders

Step One:

Gather your materials. Sixteen gauge wire can be found at any craft store or hardware store. Small rolls will cost about $5.00, while you can buy a large roll for around $10.00. It’s the perfect thickness to easily maneuver and is strong enough to hold your photos.

Step Two:

Wrap the wire around your rock three times.

Step Three:

Snip the end with wire cutters, and loop it around in a spiral shape to hold your photo. You can play around with the length.

Print Your Photos

Try your favorite photo app. Using your HP Social Media Snapshots App, for example, print your favorite photos directly from your phone onto HP Social Media Snapshots Photo Sheets.  The ones pictured in this article are from Instagram using the Hemingway template. In just a few quick taps you can have a copy of a special moment you can display in your DIY photo holder!

Of course, you can use any other printed photos you like.

These make great stocking stuffers, thank you gifts, coach and teacher gifts, even Mother’s and Father’s Day gifts. Keep them for yourself too! Make several and group them on a shelf or mantel for a unique photo display. I’m using them to decorate a small area for our wedding anniversary.

Watch the Video

Here’s a quick video on how to make these fun photo holders from rocks in your backyard and a few other supplies:

Other Ideas for a diy photo holder

You don’t necessarily need to use a rock. Here are some other fun ideas using this same technique with wire.

  • Use toys. For example, wrap wire around a toy car for a little boy’s room, or a plastic doll toy for a little girl’s room.
  • Wrap wire around a small planter to double as a photo holder.
  • Use seashells instead of rocks for a nautical or beach inspired theme.
  • Instead of photos, use these for place card holders while entertaining or table numbers for a wedding.
  • Use these to hold food or dessert labels for a party.

That’s it! So fun and easy… and cheap! You can give one to your friends, teachers, or loved ones along with your favorite printed pictures. 

If you like videos, I’d love for you to stop by and visit my YouTube channel

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  1. Simple yet nice and meaningful. I love to take photos all the way.. But I running out of idea on how to arrange it nicely. Will consider this for my photos… Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos

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