DIY Ideas for Your Dog

DIY Ideas for Your Dog

Dogs are such a big part of our families and our lives. They always seem to bring a smile to our faces no matter how bad our day is and they always provide us with unconditional love. While we can never fully repay our loveable pooches with all the happiness they bring to our lives, there are always fun DIY Ideas for Your Dog that can make their lives a little bit more fun!

Stylish Digs for Your Dog

A great way to show your dog how much you love them is to create an amazing space for them. While you can certainly buy them a dog house from the local pet store, wouldn’t it be more fun to build them a customized Mid Century Dog House from scratch? Your favorite canine will be the envy of all of the other dogs on the block with this stylish abode.

Modern Dog House

Or, if you don’t want to take on such a big project, you can always refurbish an old dog house. We all know from watching HGTV that home renovation shows are such a guilty pleasure. Take a dog house that’s been out in the sun (or find one in your local neighborhood group on Facebook), and give it a new coat a paint, some new roof shingles, a couple faux plants and maybe even a welcome mat. Your dog will love you for it!

Painted Dog House Makeover

Meal Time for Your Four-Legged Friend

Meal time is always the favorite time of the day for all dogs but they don’t have to eat out of just any boring dish. Make a Repurposed DIY Dog Bowl Stand out of a small wine crate. This crate was found at a thrift store for a couple dollars. Paint it any color to match your décor or grab some stencils and add your pup’s name to their new stylish feeding area.

Repurposed Dog Bowl Stand

Once you have your dogs new bowl stand created, you’ll need a fun mat to place it on. Creating a Bone Appetit DIY Dog Bowl Mat will keep their feeding area clean, while looking quite stylish. This craft is perfect for kids to help with, too!

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Speaking of food, have you ever met a dog that doesn’t love treats? While there are so many different flavors, shapes and brands of treats in the store, making your own is easy and you’ll know exactly what ingredients are in them! These Easy Four Ingredient Dog Treats are all natural and made with organic ingredients. Delicious!

Easy Four Ingredient Dog Treats

Cleaning Up After Your Pup

Owning a dog means that messes are bound to happen. There are so many cleaners on the market are made with ingredients that aren’t safe for pets. DIY Pet Safe Cleaners can be made without chemicals and are just as effective, while being safe.

Removing tough pet stains is important because the last thing that anyone wants is ruined carpets or upholstery. Knowing exactly what to use and how is an important part of pet ownership.

Not all dogs love wearing a Halloween costume but have you ever seen a pooch in a costume that didn’t look adorable? Creating a quick and easy DIY Halloween Costume for Dogs? that needs only a few supplies and is super inexpensive is a huge bonus!

Last Minute DIY Dog Costume

Sometimes, just taking a look around the home can turn up items that can be used again for other purposes. Taking an old rake and turning it into a dog leash holder, keeps everything organized and is a great trash to treasure project. Don’t have an old rake? You can purchase an inexpensive rake at major retailers like Home Depot.

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