DIY Macramé Hanging Lanterns

Make Your Own Macramé Hanging Lanterns with Repurposed Light Covers

I have done a few macramé tutorials in the past and have mentioned these Macramé Hanging Lanterns on Instagram Stories a while back when I was doing a DIY workshop. Here are some examples:

For this post, I used old dusty light covers. Here is a picture of them. I found these at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

Finding Old Light Covers

I always find great things to upcycle at the ReStore, however there are several other places you should be on the lookout for them:

  • Yard Sales and Garage Sales
  • Thrift Stores like Goodwill or Salvation Army
  • Estate Sales
  • Antique Swap Meets

Sometimes, you may find an entire chandelier, but if it’s inexpensive enough, you can just take it apart.

Making the Macramé Hanging Lanterns

Here is what you need.

Time: 1 hour


This materials list contains affiliate links to recommended products.



  1. Cut 8 pieces of twine in the desired length X 2, place them together and fold them in half.
  2. Tie off the loop at the top in a knot. This loop is your hanger. If desired, tie a second knot a few inches down from the first. This aesthetic is up to you.
  3. Tie two adjacent strings together in a knot until you have 8 knots. Make sure the 8 knots are equal in distance from the knot above.
  4. Continue tying adjacent knots together.
  5. When you are satisfied, tie a large knot at the bottom.
  6. Insert the bowl filled with moss and artificial succulents.


You can hang these DIY Macramé Hanging Lanterns indoors or outside.

DIY Macramé Hanging Lanterns for Outdoors

DIY Macramé Hanging Lanterns for Indoors

About Habitat for Humanity ReStore

Habitat for Humanity ReStore, is a DIY’ers dream and best kept secret!  When I first found this place I thought I hit the jackpot. It is a resale outlet store that sells reusable and surplus building materials to the public.  They promote reuse and recycling and the best part is that there are locations all over the US and Canada.

You can find everything from flooring, doors, appliances, fixtures, and building materials to lighting, paint, home décor, furniture, and artwork. All of it is sold at a discounted price and the proceeds of each resale outlet help Habitat associates fund the construction of Habitat for Humanity homes within their local communities.

There are always sales and great deals.  For example, I purchased ceramic knobs to update an old dresser and they were only twenty five cents each!  Paint samples for small projects are only one dollar or less.  It’s a great resource for inexpensive glass, mirrors, lampshades, and other decor items as well.  If you have larger projects, I have seen entire walls of like new kitchen cabinets and bathroom counters at extremely low prices.

  • Click here to find a US location.
  • Click here to find a Canada location.

You can also donate your unwanted items as well or schedule for a pick-up.

DIY Macramé Hanging Lanterns with Succulents

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