DIY Peace Sign Wreath

Repurposed Hula Hoop Peace Sign Wreath

Hey guys it’s Laci from, I’m so happy to be partnering with Dinah again for another round of DIY’S! Today I’m showing you how to make a huge DIY peace sign wreath. I have wanted a huge peace sign wreath for so long, but I wasn’t exactly sure how I wanted to do it.

DIY Peace Sign Wreath with Laci Jane DIY

I had thought long and hard about what I wanted it to look like. Initially, I thought about making a giant peace sign out of Christmas ornaments, but I wanted this DIY to be something that I could easily transition from winter and into spring/summer. Also, I wanted to make this on a budget, so I was racking my brain about how I was going to make this. Originally, I didn’t like the idea of using a hula-hoop because I thought it was look cheap and flimsy, but I kept going back to using a hula-hoop as the circle from the Dollar Tree. After all, I figured I would try it and if I didn’t like it, I could come up with an alternative plan.

Repurposed DIY Peace Sign Wreath

Another thing I struggled with is having the tools I needed. You guys know I just moved into my new apartment and I don’t have any tools anymore! I bought a miter box and saw for this project knowing I would have to only make a few small cuts. The miter box and saw worked great for this project because I was able to make my small cuts without the use of power tools, taking the project outdoors, or waking up my neighbors. So, a miter box and saw worked perfectly for getting my 45-degree angles as well as the straight cuts-while I’m living in an apartment.

Watch a Quick DIY Peace Sign Wreath Video

Time: 1 Hour



  1. I first painted my hula-hoop black with spray paint. This is optional since it’s going to be hidden if you’re wrapping garland around it. However, once Christmas is over, I think I will remove the garland and décor. Then, stain the wood and leave this up all year.
  2. Then I cut the wood down to size with my miter box and saw. I glued the pieces down with hot glue and super glue gel. I did this using two types of glue because the hot glue works right away. The super glue gel will make it stay more permanently.
  3. After the glue was dry, I decorated the wreath with garland, ornaments, ribbon, and pine cones.

DIY Peace Sign Wreath with Hula Hoop





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